Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting Ready

Flowers in Antigua

These flowers are blooming in Antigua.  The weather could not be better, sun with enough clouds to make it interesting.  The daytime temperature is in the 70s and nights are cool in the 60s.  One night we had a sprinkling of rain.

I met with Juan Carlos Cheves from the Rotary Club of Guatemala.  The Rotary Foundation is the main sponsor of the Santa Cruz Solar project.  Juan Carlos took care of logistics getting solar panels and hardware from Miami to the school in Santa Cruz + much more.  

I am on Lake Atitlan for two days to meet with the local team and purchase additional materials and tools we need for the project. Tomorrow we go over logistics, inventory materials and check out project sites.

The photo above is from a trip last February taken by University of Michigan  Multimedia Content Producer Marcin Szczepanski. 

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