Monday, February 27, 2012

Everyone Arrives and the Projects Begin

Historic Tour of Antigua

Between Friday noon and Sunday 17 people from the U.S. and several more folks from Guatemala made their way to the Iguana Perdida, a beautiful Hostel on Lake Atitlan and our home for the week.  We are here to work on several solar and natural building projects.

Before we arrived, on Sunday morning we had an historic tour of Antigua Guatemala conducted by Elizabeth Bell.  Guatemala and particularly Antigua have an amazing history.  We covered material from the pre-Columbian era, the 1500s up through the 21st century.  (did you know Antigua Guatemala had only two telephone lines as late as 1999?)  After the tour Ruben picked us all up in a large tour bus.  We then met up with three of our team who arrived on Sunday at a restaurant on the main highway.

Our group is large enough to need two shuttle boats or "Lanchas".  The lake was just a bit choppy but the spray felt good after a hot day. We arrived at la Iguana Perdida just as they were starting to serve dinner and the staff managed to get us all settled into our rooms and to dinner with great style.

Monday morning we had an early breakfast then up to the CECAP school to check out the program and lay out the solar installation.  We had a great lunch at the CECAP school and designated two teams, one working on solar and one working on a natural building project in San Marcos.  We also have two students working on gathering data for solar projects scheduled for 2013.  They began work with a member of the team who has taught and practiced solar design

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